LUPUS and CORA 2021 Virtual Congress

LUPUS and CORA 2021 Virtual Congress

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Lieu : Online

Pays : Etats-Unis

Langue : ENG

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Spécialités : Allergologie Et Immunologie

In 2021, the world of SLE will be at a crossroads. Advances in technology mean that it is now possible to address virtually any biological target with a specific therapy. Across diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and many types of cancer, this has meant life-changing and life-saving new therapies, while a similar progress has been frustratingly slower in SLE. However, laboratory research, bench-to-bedside approach with translation of novel discoveries into therapeutic agents, and the ability to successfully evaluate new molecules in clinical trials, have accelerated dramatically in recent years, rejuvenating a solid hope among researchers and physicians who care about SLE patients. Application of the treat-to-target strategy to SLE was made possible by the joint effort of experts to pinpoint the most promising targets to treat patients to, leading to optimization of available treatments. Additionally, precision medicine is emerging nowadays in SLE, highlighting the need of committing basic research to a clinical applicability, thereby creating an inseparable duo between scientific progress and improvement of patients prognosis, gathering together different expertise and altogether offering to the scientific SLE community, as well as to drug developers and patients, a good reason to believe in a 'new dawn' of SLE management.

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