21st Francophone Conference of Interventional Cardiology (CFCI) 2019

21st Francophone Conference of Interventional Cardiology (CFCI) 2019

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Location : Paris

Country : France

Language : FR

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Specialities : Cardiology And Vascular Medicine

This new edition CFCI 2019 will take over all the other ingredients that made this event, an institution: • interactivity and pedagogy • internationally renowned expert conferences • presentations of the latest innovations • controversies over controversial topics • practical workshops for "young and old" • Presentation of clinical cases and selected posters with award ceremony • exposure of the partners of the equipment and medicine industry As all the youngest years of you will be in the spotlight with sessions dedicated to them. We would love to see them take ownership of this congress. And all this in French, which, as Leopold Sedar Senghor said, "is an international language of communication that offers us, at the same time, clarity and richness, precision and nuance. Against the air of the time who would like to dispense us, as a now useless task, to think in our native language ".

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